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So I’ve grown up with the belief that you should take care yourself because the only one who will be willingly to, is yourself.And ,well ,in this messed up world honestly that beliefing that is nothing extraoedinary.

But when I joined the forces ,man I met so many people with different ethnicity.Okay, well not that because the Navy is predominately white but I met so many different personalities , and well some of them I hated but others something about them although we grew up different we became brothers.Well, more like shipmates in my case.Afterall I am in the Navy.But now I am left with that hard division that comes within me because of the two conflicting ideals of whether to live for yourself or go beyond that and live for the sake of your nation , which really has no meaning to me but if this nation is filled with my shipmates it could be something that has much more meaning to me.

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